We ship throughout the entire United States, so feel free to send a Stork box as a gift for that special baby you love anywhere in the U.S.

Can I return or exchange items? Stork takes great care in providing its customers with the best products available and we are confident you will love our hand-picked gifts. Our member profiles ensure that our customers specify their child’s sizes and interests so we can provide each member with specialized care. Because of this, we do not accept refunds or exchanges.

How can I gift a Stork box?
You may purchase a monthly or quarterly subscription as a gift and you may cancel it at any time. You may also send baby shower or birthday boxes to friends or family! Please enter the recipient’s address in the designated field at checkout. You’ll be their hero!

How long does shipping take and when will I receive my Stork box?
Your monthly subscription box will be billed on the 1st of every month and will be shipped on the 15th of every month. Your quarterly box will be billed upon checkout. Your subsequent quarterly billings will occur on that same date every 3 months. Your special occasion box will be billed upon checkout and will be shipped in 7-10 business days.

What is Stork’s cancellation policy?
Please cancel before your next renewal date (the 1st of the next month or the 1st of your next quarter). Failure to do so by the above date will result in a charge for the next month’s box. Gift orders are non-refundable.

Automatic Renewal Cancellation and Billing
Edit Instructions
1. Click the Profile icon on the top of the page.
2. Scroll to the Recent Order Section and click on Cancel, Change Billing Method, or Change Address.
3. Scroll to your order number and click View.
4. Under the Action tab click on which action you would like to take.

I have a question! Who can I contact? We’d love to help! Please contact Customer Service at Stork@stork-box.com.

For all press inquiries, please email Stork@stork-box.com.


Who we are:
Stork is a luxury baby box subscription service designed for the busy, in-the-know mom or dad who desires the absolute best clothing, developmental items, And books for their little ones.

How it works:
Sign up for a box and customize it to your liking. Stork boxes are available for newborns to 3-year-olds. Your subscription automatically renews at the end of the monthly or quarterly term, on the 1st of the month.

Invited to a baby shower or birthday party?
Stork is the perfect gift! We have baby shower and birthday boxes for boys, girls, and in gender neutral styles. Special Occasion Boxes are one-time purchases. Your Stork box will be delivered to your door and smiles will ensue!